Local Rules

Local Rules (Subject to change at short notice)

  1. Relief can be taken:-
    1. From Trees defined by stakes or plastic wrap. Can drop between nearest point of relief & 1 club length, not nearer the green
    2. From EXPOSED roots. Place within 1 foot in line with flag
    3. On own fairway. Clean & Place on fairway, within 1 club length and not closer to green
    4. Immovable obstructions. e.g signage, seats, bins, gardens, paths, sheds, water fountains, sprinkler heads. Between nearest point of relief, & 1 club length not nearer the green
  2. Ball out of bounds or lost:- Either play and use provisional ball – add 1 shot, or drop on fairway opposite where ball went o/b, or where ball is deemed to have been lost – add 2 shots
  3. Carts & Bikes:- Are not to be driven on Greens or Tee Blocks.